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Our Team. ​

We are a family that's excited to make a difference. Education to help overcome adversity and realize our potential. Scientific research to push the boundaries of our knowledge. And the power of nature and music to refresh, awe and heal us.


I believe natural resources and the environment are being depleted at an unsustainable rate. Global warming is a fact. Protecting the environment and slowing climate change has long term benefits for all of us.


I believe scientific research pushes the frontiers of our knowledge and epitomizes our curiosity and drive to understand our universe. It also often results in breakthroughs leading to tangible improvements in life quality and expectancy.


I believe music has the capacity to move and elevate us. A life without music is no life! It's important to support and promote the traditional and less popular forms of music from around the world. These musicians enrich our lives.


I believe our human capital should not be held back by the place or circumstance of our birth. We should all be given the opportunity to realize our potential. Access to a better education is a proven way.

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